The Lancashire HotPod

Episode 11 : The Nootropics Experience

May 5, 2019

In this episode we give an honest review of some nootropics (or smart drugs as they are sometimes referred to) that we both tested. Nootropics have been scientifically proven to improve cognitive ability, mood and focus as well as better concentration. 

100% natural and vegan friendly, nootropics are classed as a food supplement and can be purchased online or even via health shops like Holland & Barrett. If you want to find out more about nootropics check out this article.

The two products we tested were from BrainZyme and BrainPower 

You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what we thought of the different products and if they worked, but let's say we were very impressed and would recommend them ;)

If you give the podcast a listen and want to try them out for yourselves then you can get a great discount from BrainZyme using the discount code HotPod20

Enjoy and stay smart..