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Episode 23 - The Great Litter Scandal

Episode 23 - The Great Litter Scandal

October 10, 2019

We are living in unprecedented times. Climate change, corruption, Brexit, terrorism and global trade wars. There is lots to keep us occupied on the global stage but we have big issues much closer to home.

Our streets are filthy, people drop litter like f'bombs, bins are either non-existent or over-flowing and council budgets are been squeezed like never before. Fly tipping is on the rise, drug cartridges, needles and fast food boxes lie on the floor and pile up in back streets and sadly dog crap is still a problem for anyone who walks down a street or in parks where our children play.

Does anyone give a crap about the communities we reside in and have pride in where we live?

Is it always 'someone' else's job to clean up after 'us'?

This isn't just about dropping litter it's how we look after where we live and a reflection on society and sadly far too many people just turn the other way.

But not two super heroes in this episode - Janet Pearce runs Keep Darwen Tidy and Jane Edyvean run Keep Bury Clean

These ladies give up their time to organise volunteer litter picks to improve the communities we live in and share their stories, frustrations and apathy that they face on a daily basis. Social media has been hugely successful in bringing people who do care together and are making a difference but it's a drop in the polluted ocean.

It is everyone's responsible to keep litter of the streets but as we hear in this episode it is far from what's happening. Perhaps it is a societal shift, poor parenting, lack of education and awareness, drugs and laziness.

The question is do we accept this or do we all do something about. 

Give this episode a listen, we'd welcome any thoughts on the topic, ideas, solutions and if you want to get involved and make a difference. Get in touch with these groups or your local Keep XX Tidy clean group 

Episode 22 : The Beer and Hop Pod

Episode 22 : The Beer and Hop Pod

September 21, 2019

In this episode we chat to Graham Roberts and his wife Kasha, otherwise known as the owners of the Micro-Pub the Brig n Barrel in Bamber Bridge.

Amost 18 months ago, Graham said goodbye to the corporate life and with his redundancy decided to start his own business and opened a Micro-Pub with his good friend. Fast forward 18 months and the Brig N Barrel has just been added to the Camra Good beet Guide 2020 which is an amazing achievment. 

We chat about what makes a good ale and the challenges & opportunities in the pub trade and all the experiences it brings with it. Graham and Kasha are passionate about what they've created and now play a big role in the local community and have great plans for the future.

If you fancy checking it out then head over and enjoy the ales and gins on offer as well as the mango / tropical cider! 

Enjoy Hop Podders.....

Episode 21 : Fighting Talk Vol 2

Episode 21 : Fighting Talk Vol 2

September 14, 2019

In this episode we welcome back Gaz Corran, who is now a World Champion Bare Fist Champion after defeating Antony Dunn Skrypek in the first round of their world championship bout.

Gaz did it in style knocking Antony down 3 times in the first round to win the match and become world champion for the first time. To but this in to context, Anthony Dunn Skrypek was unbeaten in this format. 

So Gaz has a lot to tell us about the lead up to the fight, his preparation, what was going through his head as he walked in to the ring, how he felt when he won and how the haters are gonna hate.

Gaz also let's us know when his next fight is and what we can expect from a format we've dubbed 'the death match'

Find out more and give it a listen - as ever hit us up with any comments or questions 

Episode 20 : Heckles and Highs

Episode 20 : Heckles and Highs

September 2, 2019

In this episode we're joined by Shaun Elvey, one of the most up and coming stand up comedians in Lancashire. 

Shaun shares with us his rise to the stand up stage, which started during his training in the armed forces over 15 years ago when he was taking the mick out of his training sergeants and making everyone laugh. Fast forward to the present and Shaun is now a regular on the comedy scene. 

From Preston to Burnley and numerous other towns to the bright lights of the Frog & Bucket and Comedy Store in Manchester, Shaun tells us stories of the competitions he's been in and won and also the gigs that have bombed. It takes big 8@115 to get up on stage and be funny and sometimes is goes really well and sometimes it doesn't but it's all an experience and every gig is different. 

Shaun is now planning his own gigs and has another competition coming up - bit like the champions league, where previous winners all go up head to head. 

If you love to laugh, give it a listen and you never know, we might see Shaun on Mock the Week pretty soon. 



Episode 19 : Beyond the Line of Duty

Episode 19 : Beyond the Line of Duty

August 28, 2019

In this episode we talk to Mick Young who worked in the Lancashire Police Force for over 30 years.

Now retired, and working in Border Control, Mick talks openly and honestly about life in the force. Mick shares how and why he decided a life in the force was for him, and describes how the police has changed over the last 30 years depending on the government in charge, the Theresa May years and plans for an extra 20K officers under Boris. 

Political correctness, racism, war on drugs (or not), human rights, equal opportunities are all up for discussion as well as an honest look at the role the media has played in since the mid 80's.

It's a fascinating insight in to the Lancashire constabulary and Police in general over the last 30 years and given the sad news that a police officer died in a recent burglary, it's worth remembering that that police men and women put their lives at risk in the line of duty on a daily basis.

Enjoy Hot Podders and if you have any thoughts and opinions on the topic please let us know in comments.




Episode 18 : Schools out for Summer

Episode 18 : Schools out for Summer

August 21, 2019

Never work with animals and children they say.

Well there is a very good reason for that, as Gav and I found out when we put both our boys in front of the mic to talk about the transition from primary to secondary school.

Both boys are off to St Bedes in Blackburn and we wanted to get the boys in the studio to talk about their school experience, SATS and preparing for the next big challenge - heading off to BIG school.


We managed to get some sense out of them (but not much) and where they have mentioned their friends names or people in their stories we've bleeped them out in fairness and respect to people's identities. 

If your kids are off to big school this time or you just want to listen to me getting quite irate at one point then it's worth a listen - a fascinating insight to the brains (or lack of them) of 11 yr old boys ;)

Enjoy School's out for Summer 

Episode 17 : Supporting Single Parents in the Northwest

Episode 17 : Supporting Single Parents in the Northwest

August 12, 2019

With 1 in 3 marriages ending in divorce or separation, single parents are everywhere. A marital or relationship breakdown is hard for everyone involved and especially when there are children involved it can be even harder.

In this episode we chat to single parent Ste Walker, who has recently set up a Facebook group dedicated to bringing single parents together across the North West.

The group has been set up to create a support network for other single parents and Ste's vision is to reduce isolation and loneliness for single parents and create great opportunities to meet up with others in a similar situation. It is not a dating site but serves to connect people who can share from their experiences and help others and make new friends for both them and their kids!

In just a few weeks the group as reached over 250 members and we talk about the purpose of the group, how you can get involved and find out more.

You can find a link for the group below. If you're a single parent then why not take a look or share with anyone you know who might benefit from being a member.


Episode 16 : The Gradely Lass

Episode 16 : The Gradely Lass

July 3, 2019

In this episode we chat to the Pre-eminent broadside balladress of the Manchester region, Jennifer Reid.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what that means, she made it all up any way! Jennifer was a fantastic guest, really entertaining and performs a number of Manchester Ballads and even treats us to some clog dancing.

Jennifer tells us how she discovered her passion for 19th century Industrial Revolution broadside ballads and Lancashire dialect work song. Not only sharing her passion through recitals, events, schools and even taking her knowledge to the Indian Sub-continent where she has researched the link between Bangladeshi and Mancunian weaving songs. 

You can find out more about Jennifer and upcoming events from her website

It's a fascinating part of history that Jennifer now brings to life in many different guises and has released a CD recently with her work. She has made a number of TV appearances and now teaches workshops for young adults in the UK and in the US.

Give it a listen and watch out for a competition soon and let us know what you think in comments as always we'd love to hear from you.

Episode 15 : Fighting Talk Vol 1

Episode 15 : Fighting Talk Vol 1

June 23, 2019

In this episode we talk to Gaz 'Crush' Corran. Gaz has got one of the most exciting fights in the world coming up in one of the most dangerous sports possible!

We talk to Gaz about how the fight came about and his training and preparation. As well as a fierce daily training regime Gaz has got to keep in diet in check and has a whole team around him getting him to peak physical fitness.

As well as chatting about his own upcoming fight we get an insight in to what Gaz thinks of the current Heavyweight Boxing division as well as the low down on Prize Fighter and fellow Lancashire boxer, Stevie Taylor who Gaz tips for a future British champion.

Gaz also explains why he's donating his entire purse after losing a close friend and his own battles losing family members under difficult circumstances. Despite these challenges, Gaz has turned them in to positives and has many interesting stories to share from working the doors in Magaluf and doing security for some of the biggest bands in the 90's, to his recent trek up Mount Kilimanjaro with some close friends.

This life and almost death story will have you at the edge of the seats hot podders!

We're sure you'll love this podcast and be rooting for Gaz for his fight in July!

For tickets contact Gaz Corran on Facebook or @Gaz_Crush

If you have been affected by of the things discussed in the podcast remember there is always someone to talk to 

Episode 14 : Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Episode 14 : Stop, Collaborate and Listen

May 30, 2019

It's The Lancashire Hot Pod and the Amish Inquisition.

Something a bit different in this podcast as two podcasts from Lancashire join forces and create one bumper episode.

Cue an off-the-cuff freestyle, chats that range from nuclear disasters to Eurovision to who would play Highlander in a modern day re-make - plus a whole load more.

Recorded in one of the best man cave / music studios EVER built. A mecca of 1980's memorabilia, props and toys including a full size replica of Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.

Amish Phil and Amish Ben were great hosts and we hope you enjoy the episode and give them a subscribe on podbean here